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Fact sheets

Evidence of identity [PDF 285 Kb]
Buying and registering a car [PDF 358 Kb]
How to get your Victorian drivers licence [PDF 443 Kb]
Are you ready for the drive test checklist [PDF 165 Kb]
What you need to know about your drive test [PDF 1.1 Mb]


L to Ps - Road to Solo Driving

Introduction - How to use this book [PDF 1.2 Mb]
Part 1 - The challenges of driving [PDF 397 Kb]
Part 2 - Learning to drive [PDF 234 Kb]
Part 3 - Managing risk [PDF 297 Kb]
Part 4 - Rules and Responsibilities [PDF 7.7 Mb]

L to Ps - Learner Kit

Guide for learners [PDF 1.6 Mb]
Learner log book [PDF 276 Kb]
Guide for supervising drivers [PDF 834 Kb]

L to Ps - Probationary Kit

Rules for P drivers [PDF 2.3 Mb]
A parent’s guide to P plate driving [PDF 2 Mb]

Bike Ed

A Family Guide to Bike Ed [PDF 3.3 Mb]

YouTube videos in Arabic

YouTube Videos - Common VicRoads Transactions

  • Evidence of Identity
  • Transfer your registration
  • How to register your car
  • Eligibility for concession

YouTube videos - Common Road Rules

YouTube video - Tips for using rearward facing restraints (External link)

YouTube video - Tips for using forward facing restraints (External link)

YouTube video - Tips for using booster seats (External link)

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