Register of public roads

VicRoads Register of Public Roads contains information about the freeways, arterial roads and other roads throughout Victoria, for which VicRoads has responsibilities under the Road Management Act 2004.

VicRoads, Councils and other road authorities each have separate Registers of Public Roads.

VicRoads is generally responsible for the overall management and development of the major arterial component of Victoria’s road network (i.e. the declared roads being freeways, arterial roads and some non-arterial state roads), which make up around 15% of the roads in the state. For more information, see Victoria's road network page.

Download the register

The Register was published in 2009 however it is updated periodically on this website. The information (as applicable) is only current from the ‘published date’ and the ‘date of publication’ as shown in Part A of the document.

If you need more up to date information, submit a request marked attention Integration Services - Survey and Declaration through the feedback form.

Maps of Declared Roads

Maps of Declared Roads is an interactive internet application to view, search and print electronic maps of roads in Victoria and identify freeways, arterial roads and other roads referred to in VicRoads Register of Public Roads. This map is not part of the VicRoads register and is for general information purposes only.

Contact details for road authorities

The following list provides contact details for the various road authorities and for reporting incidents.

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