Codes of practice under the Road Management Act

Codes of Practice have been developed to provide practical guidance for road authorities and works and infrastructure managers, in the performance of their functions and duties under the Act.

The codes were developed through a process of public consultation and are provided below.

Operational responsibility for public roads

The code provides guidance in determining the physical limits of operational responsibility between road authorities for the different parts or elements within the road reserves of public roads. This revised version of the Code, while retaining the original Code’s overall structure, content and guidance, includes the following main changes:
  • expanded guidance on responsibilities for road infrastructure at the interface between freeway access ramps and the connecting roads (i.e. arterial roads or municipal roads)
  • improved guidance in the allocation of responsibilities between VicRoads and local Council road authorities at arterial road / municipal road intersections
  • reviewed responsibilities associated with road embankments, cuttings, retaining walls, pedestrian underpass structures and the roadside
  • clarification of responsibilities for drainage infrastructure within the road reserve
  • updated guidance on responsibilities for roads on Crown land
  • new guidance on responsibilities for public transport (road, rail, tram, bus) related infrastructure within the road reserve

Current status: Published in Government Gazette, no. S174, Tuesday 30 May 2017

Clearways on declared arterial roads

This code provides guidance to VicRoads in the establishment of proper management and consultation processes with regard to the implementation of clearways on declared arterial roads.

Current status: Published in Government Gazette, no. s202, Thursday, 16 September 2004 [PDF 113 Kb] (External link) (PDF)

Road management plans

This code provides guidance for road authorities in the making of a road management plan for the inspection, maintenance and repair of public roads.

Current status: Published in Government Gazette, no. s201, Thursday 16 September 2004 [PDF 112 Kb] (External link) (PDF)

Management of infrastructure in road reserves

This code provides guidance for road authorities, utilities and providers of public transport in planning and managing their infrastructure in road reserves.  The code also provides new guidance to coordinate the positioning, integrity and safety of utility services in road reserves, while also ensuring the amenity and liveability of streets.

Further information on changes to the Code can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions [WORD, 30 Kb]

Current status: Published in Government Gazette, no. s117, Thursday 28 April 2016 [PDF 652 Kb] (External link) (PDF)

Worksite safety traffic management

This code provides practical guidance to any person conducting, or proposing to conduct, any works on roads in Victoria.

Current status: Published in Government Gazette, no. s351, Tuesday 31 August 2010 [PDF 1.2 Mb] (External link) (PDF)


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