Road Management Plan

The Road Management Plan sets out the circumstances, the manner and the standards to which the road authority will perform its inspection, maintenance and repair responsibilities.

The Road Management Plan comprises the following documents:

  • Road Infrastructure Management System, which sets out details of the management system and policies to be implemented by the road authority in the discharge of its duty to inspect, maintain and repair roads (Schedule A).
  • Road Maintenance Standards, which are the standards in accordance with which the road authority performs its road management functions (Schedule B).

Get copies of the Department of Transport Road Management Plan

View the Road Management Plan [PDF 4 Mb].

View the VicRoads Road Maintenance Category – Road List [PDF 78 Kb] (an incorporated document to the Road Management Plan).

The review of RMP 2014, as required under the Act, was to ensure that the system and standards for inspection, maintenance and repair of arterial roads and freeways are efficient and appropriate and result in roads that continue to be safe. Read the Road Management Plan Review [PDF 821 Kb].

You can also view or obtain a copy of the Road Management Plan 2021 at the Department of Transport head office, 1 Spring Street Melbourne, or from any of the VicRoads Administrative offices during office hours. 

View the accessible version of the Road Management Plan [DOCX  2Mb]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We're encouraging anyone who can to access this information online. You can also call 13 11 71 to speak with someone about your enquiry. 

The telephone number for all offices is 13 11 71 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5pm).

DoT appreciates information from the public regarding any traffic hazards. The 24 hour contact telephone number is 13 11 70.

Code of Practice for Road Management Plans

  • Code of Practice for Road Management Plans [PDF 112 Kb] published in Government Gazette, no. s201, Thursday, 16 September 2004. This Code provides guidance for road authorities in the making of a road management plan for the inspection, maintenance and repair of public roads.

Road Management (General) Regulations 2016

DoT routine maintenance activities

For more information on Dot’s overall road maintenance program, which is categorised into routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation activities, see Road maintenance by DoT

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