Road Management Plan

VicRoads has made a Road Management Plan [PDF 713 Kb] in accordance with section 49 of the Road Management Act 2004 (the Act). This Road Management Plan encompasses Victoria’s declared freeways and arterial roads (and a small number of non-arterial State roads) managed by VicRoads.

The Road Management Plan, as amended in 2014 in accordance with section 54(5) of the Act, comprises the following:
  • Schedule A - VicRoads Road Infrastructure Management System
  • Schedule B - VicRoads Road Maintenance Standards
The Road Management Plan includes the incorporated document VicRoads Road Maintenance Category – Road List [PDF 79 Kb]. It lists the applicable ‘road maintenance category’ for every road, or section of road, to which the Road Management Plan applies.

For further details about the declared freeway and arterial road network (and other roads) managed by VicRoads, see Maps of Declared Roads and Register of Public Roads.

Purpose of the plan

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to:

  • provide a safe and efficient road network for use by all members of the public
  • establish good road asset management practices focussed on delivering optimal outcomes while having regard to affordability, available resources, and the policies, priorities and strategies of governments and road authorities
  • set out the policies and procedures adopted by VicRoads to achieve its road maintenance standards
  • describe the inspection frequencies and condition standards adopted by VicRoads for various road hazard conditions.

To achieve it's purpose, Schedule B of the Road Management Plan:

  • identifies those higher risk hazards likely to adversely impact on the safety of road users or the integrity of road infrastructure (Table 3)
  • sets out a frequency of road inspections to identify these hazards (Table 1)
  • defines the time allowed to respond to an identified hazard (based on the hazard type and severity) (Table 2)
  • describes the appropriate response action required to either rectify, or give appropriate warning of, a hazard (Table 2)

VicRoads routine maintenance activities

For more information on VicRoads overall road maintenance program, which is categorised into routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation activities, see Road maintenance by VicRoads.

Get copies of the VicRoads Road Management Plan

View the Road Management Plan [PDF 712 Kb].

View the VicRoads Road Maintenance Category – Road List [PDF 78 Kb] (an incorporated document to the Road Management Plan).

You can also view or obtain a copy of the amended VicRoads Road Management Plan at the VicRoads head office at 60 Denmark Street, Kew 3101, or from any of the VicRoads Administrative offices during office hours.

  • The telephone number for all offices is 13 11 71 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5pm).
  • VicRoads appreciates information from the public regarding any traffic hazards. The 24 hour contact telephone number is 13 11 70.

In amending it's Road Management Plan in 2014, VicRoads produced a report entitled Review of VicRoads Road Management Plan [PDF 821 Kb], summarising the findings and conclusions of the review.

Code of Practice for Road Management Plans

  • Code of Practice for Road Management Plans [PDF 112 Kb] published in Government Gazette, no. s201, Thursday, 16 September 2004. This Code provides guidance for road authorities in the making of a road management plan for the inspection, maintenance and repair of public roads.

Road Management (General) Regulations 2016

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