VicRoads Claims Procedure

This guide is designed to help you understand the process when submitting a claim for compensation with VicRoads.

What happens if I make a claim? 

The best way to submit a claim is to complete a Notice of Incident and Claim Form and provide us with all relevant information in writing together with supporting documents or information. Once we receive your claim, we may ask for more information from you. Once we have everything we need, we will assess the claim and respond in writing.

How we manage claims

  1. Upon receipt of the completed Notice of Incident and Claim form VicRoads will allocate a unique reference number. The claim will be assessed by VicRoads in accordance with the rules outlined in the Road Management Act 2004 (the Act).
  2. VicRoads will endeavour to have claims acknowledged, assessed and responded to as timely as possible.
  3. Referral of your claim - your claim may need to be referred to a contractor, local municipal council or to another authority for handling. If your claim is referred outside VicRoads, you will be advised in writing as soon as possible and VicRoads will provide you with the relevant contact details.
  4. If your claim has been assessed by VicRoads and if you disagree with the outcome, you can request to have your outcome reviewed by providing a written response outlining your request for a review with any further supporting evidence. 
  5. Once the review has been undertaken there is no further internal dispute options available, and we would recommend seeking independent legal advice.
  6. If you feel you have been dealt with unfairly with respect to the administrative process followed by us and standards of service provided, you can contact the Victorian Ombudsman who may investigate your complaint against us on your behalf.

Find out more 

For more information, go to the Notice of Incident and Claims page. 

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