Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (Vic) 1982 (FOI Act) gives you the legal right of access to documents in our possession.

Making a Freedom of Information Request 

Information which is already publicly available or which is available for purchase does not require a FOI application. Before lodging a FOI application, you can browse our website or call 13 11 71 to find out if you can get the information you seek without completing an application.

How to apply

Three requirements need to be satisfied before a FOI application becomes valid. A request will need to:

  • Be in writing;
  • Be accompanied by a $29.60 non-refundable application fee (this may be waived or reduced if payment will cause hardship); and
  • Clearly describe the documents requesting access to.

Completing an application

FOI Application Forms

VicRoads Freedom of Information Application Form [PDF 76 Kb]
VicRoads Freedom of Information Application Form [DOCX 211 Kb]

To speed up processing your request, please ensure to provide:
  • An accurate and clear description of the documents you are seeking access to. Requests must be for specific documents, not “all documents” in a broad category; and
  • Evidence of your identity (such as a drivers licence) if the documents you seek are about your own personal affairs; or
  • Written authority if you are submitting a request on behalf of another person (such as a law firm acting on behalf of their client); and
  • A cheque or money order for $29.60 payable to “VicRoads” or evidence of hardship (e.g. a copy of your current pensioner’s/healthcare concession card).

Where to make online request

You can now submit a FOI request online and select Department of Transport as the responsible agency.

Where to send your request

Freedom of Information and Information Privacy Unit

Level 5, 60 Denmark Street
KEW VIC 3101

Once your application is received

Once we receive your application, a FOI officer will determine if it is a valid request. If we have any questions about your request we will contact you.

When we receive a valid request, the FOI Officer will work with our relevant departments to locate documents requested. Once all documents in VicRoads’ possession related to the request are located, a FOI Officer will review the documents and consider if any exemptions apply.

We have 30 calendar days to make a decision regarding the request from the date it was received. In limited circumstances, this time frame can be extended by up to 30 days, with the possibility of additional 30 day extension, so long as the extension is granted before the relevant period expires.

An extension of up to 15 calendar days is automatically permitted for requests that require mandatory consultation with specified third parties under:

  • Section 29 - Documents containing matter communicated by any other State;
  • Section 29A - Documents affecting national security, defence or international relations;
  • Section 31 - Law enforcement documents;
  • Section 31A - Documents relating to IBAC;
  • Section 33 - Documents affecting personal privacy;
  • Section 34 - Documents relating to trade secrets etc; or
  • Section 35 - Documents containing material obtained in confidence.

After assessing the documents, we will send a letter to you advising of our decision whether to release all, part or none of the documents requested. The letter will also detail any exemptions that have been applied and rights to appeal under the Act.

Other costs

Where an application for access is granted, costs may be incurred by you (in addition to the application fee) to access documents.

These charges are levied under with the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 2004 and relate to:

  • Search charges - $21.30 per hour or part of an hour.
  • Photocopying charges - 20 cents per black and white A4 page. Colour copies and paper sizes other than A4 are set at a reasonable cost incurred by VicRoads in providing the copy.

Where it is anticipated that the costs will exceed $50, you will be advised and requested to pay a deposit. You will also be asked if you wish to continue with the request or narrow the terms of the request to reduce costs.

Disclosure logs

In the spirit of promoting greater openness and transparency in government, all documents disclosed under the FOI Act (with redactions) for FOI requests from members of Parliament and the media after 1 February 2016 are available to the public.

View our FOI disclosure logs here.

Information statements

VicRoads is part of the Department of Transport. The Department of Transport’s information statements made under Part II of the FOI Act provide information about the Department and its functions and show how the Department is making information readily available to the public.

Contact us

You can contact us by emailing [email protected].

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