Disclosure logs

View a log of information we’ve released under the Freedom of Information Act.

In the spirit of promoting greater openness and transparency in government, we’re making our list of documents disclosed under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (with redactions) available to the public. 

By making this information public, we hope to make it easier and quicker for the public and media to access material which has already been disclosed under the FOI Act.

What is a disclosure log?

A disclosure log is a list of FOI requests plus copies of the documents released to member of Parliament and the media.

What information is being shared?

We’re sharing our disclosure log listing information and documents for FOI requests from members of Parliament and the media dated from 1 February 2016.

Some information accessed under the FOI Act will not be included in this list, including:
  • personal information
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person or organisation
  • information that can’t be reasonably practicably published due to required deletions to the documents
  • documents that are technically difficult to publish
  • documents that are publicly available elesewhere. 

When does VicRoads publish information in a disclosure log?

VicRoads will publish information in a disclosure log within 30 days of giving the FOI applicant access to the information.  

Are there any charges for accessing the information?

As a general rule, any information published under the disclosure log is free of charge.

In some circumstances where it’s not practical to publish the documents on the website (for example, large documents or documents in another format) there may be some costs for access to this information.  

Contact us

To find out more, contact the Freedom of Information and Information Privacy Team by emailing [email protected].

The following is a table of the Disclosure Logs.

* Documents available upon request

Date of release FOI request
20 April 2016

Full access granted

11 July 2016 Hoddle Street-Punt Road Consultation Stages 1 and 2 from 1 July 2015 to 1 April 2016 [PDF 171Mb] Part access granted
15 July 2016 Roundabout at Vineyard Road and Gap Road in Sunbury [PDF 49Mb] Part access granted
3 August 2016 Access to Briefs [5Mb] Part access granted
16 August 2016 * Performance Monitoring Information System Bulletin Part access granted
12 September 2016 Bluetooth technology to monitor traffic congestion and traffic flow [PDF 451 Kb] Part access granted
21 September 2016  Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge Project [PDF 185 Kb] Part access granted
21 September 2016 Noise Reduction Barriers [PDF 12.1 Mb] Part access granted
14 October 2016
Kilmore Wallan Bypass [PDF 45 Mb]
Part access granted
14 October 2016
Patch Primary School Speed Zone [PDF 9.9 Mb]
Part access granted
16 November 2016
Visit to Victoria by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden  [PDF 519 Kb]
Part access granted
16 November 2016
Documents related to Incidents/Accidents in Citylink and ConnectEast Tunnels [PDF 9.7 Mb]
Part access granted
30 November 2016
Club Permit Scheme - Breaches and Cancellations  [PDF 56.8 Mb]
Part access granted
30 January 2017 ARRB Group Sign Symbol Testing [923Kb] Part access granted
24 April 2017  Briefs regarding 2016 road toll and/or the Towards Zero road safety strategy [PDF 4.08 Mb]  Part access granted 

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