Safety and Wellbeing

VicRoads Health and Safety reputation is built on a longstanding commitment for all employees in ensuring that safe working practices are maintained and reviewed.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

VicRoads recognises its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace and will endeavour to maintain an occupational environment in which the physical and psychological well being of staff is protected.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy [PDF 767Kb]

Drug and Alcohol Policy

VicRoads is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees, other persons in the workplace and those who may be exposed to a risk of health and safety arising from the work performed by VicRoads and its contractors. A person whose work performance or behaviour is impaired by drugs or alcohol will be considered to be an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of themselves and others.

Drug and Alcohol Policy [PDF 781Kb]

Return to Work Policy

VicRoads recognises and accepts its obligations to assist employees to remain at work or return to work if injured or ill because of their work.

Return to Work Policy [PDF 773KB]

Smoke Free Working Environment Policy

VicRoads recognises its legal and moral responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy workplace and will endeavour to maintain an occupational environment where staff, clients and visitors will be protected from the health hazards associated with exposure to tobacco smoke.

Smoke Free Working Environment Policy [PDF 760Kb]

First Aid Policy

At every VicRoads workplace, first aid facilities and qualified First Aiders will be available in accordance with the relevant Code of Practice.

First Aid Policy [PDF 786Kb]

Safe Driving Policy

VicRoads is committed to providing a safe working environment for employees and acknowledges that driving and car travel presents a risk for employees.This policy and its requirements are based on experience, expert road safety knowledge and regular reviews of technological improvements in the automotive industry.

Safe Driving Policy [PDF 225Kb]

Drug and Alcohol Impairment

This procedure establishes consistent, proportionate and transparent processes for addressing the risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Impairment Procedure [PDF 343KB]

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

This procedure sets out how VicRoads will achieve its policy objective of ensuring that the health and safety of people at its sites are not put at risk by the actions of people under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure [197KB]

OHS Guidelines for Recycled Water

VicRoads prepared Environmental Guidelines for Using Recycled Water for Road Activities in 2005 to help VicRoads staff and contractors understand the requirements for using recycled water. 

OHS Guidelines for Recycled Water [PDF, 275KB]

Guidelines for the use of Truck Mounted Attenuators

These Guidelines have been produced for the deployment of Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) in Victoria to protect worksites on or beside active roads against errant vehicle intrusion.

Guidelines for the use of Truck Mounted Attenuators [PDF, 1MB]

The VicRoads Safety Management System (SMS) is a database that covers many aspects of workplace health and safety management.

The Safety Management System (SMS):
  • Provides a single workplace health and safety reference system for all VicRoads staff.
  • Provides a consistent approach to health and safety management throughout VicRoads.
  • Provides a framework for continuous improvement and best practice, based on quality management principles.
  • Applies to all works, goods, services and contracts undertaken by or purchased by VicRoads.

Safety alerts are alerts posted by VicRoads that highlight an incident or unsafe work practice. 

Jan 2015- Plant rollover on Henty Highway [PDF 65KB]
Feb 2015- Tipper truck strikes overhead powerlines [PDF 91KB]
April 2015- No go zone spotters to be appropriately trained  [PDF 140KB]
May 2015- Surveyor struck by traffic management truck [PDF 246KB]
May 2015- Dial before you dig [PDF 181KB]
June 2015- Semi tipper truck overturns [PDF 249KB]
July 2015- Dy mark mine marking NF aerosol paint [PDF, 75KB]
November 2015- Working from heights [PDF 67KB]
November 2015- Working with electrical conduits [PDF 95KB] 
November 2015 - Small roller overturn [PDF 113KB]
November 2105 - WorkSafe warning as Christmas approaches [PDF 91KB] 
December 2015- No Go Zone for tippers [PDF 243KB] 
December 2015 - Cutting of live redundant electrical cables [PDF 96Kb]
December 2015 - Construction / Road Workers Urged to Secure Work Sites [PDF 93Kb]
December 2015 - Heat Stress Prevention [PDF 106Kb]
December 2015 - Falling Tree Branches [PDF 83Kb]
January 2016 - Plant not permitted to penetrate ground [PDF 96Kb]
January 2016 - Safety near power lines [PDF 132Kb] 
February 2016 - Electrical Hazard Identified with Trams Under Rail Bridge [PDF 40Kb] 
April 2016 - World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers Memorial Day [PDF, 228 Kb]
June 2016 - Tree and Shrub Trimming Maintenance [PDF 90Kb]
July 2016 - New focus on road safety around construction works [PDF 65Kb]
August 2016 - Management of lead structures [PDF 128 Kb]
August 2016 - Inspection of Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA's) for potential fatigue cracks [PDF 112Kb]
November 2016 - Snake Precautions [PDF 121 Kb]
January 2017 - Heat stress prevention [PDF 104 Kb]
February 2017 - Lifting lug failure on concrete bin [PDF 103 Kb]
February 2017 - Spotter reversed into by excavator [PDF 89 Kb]

Communication from the Chief Executive relating to safety when issues arise within VicRoads and extra attention needs to be given to that issue.

July 2014- Action to be taken by VicRoads construction and maintenance personnel if unsafe high risk work practices are observed [PDF 60Kb]

The Employee Safety Handbook is intended for use by all employees. The handbook has been developed in an effort to prevent accidents and injuries. It is directed toward the control of all types of hazards encountered in the performance of official duties.

Safety First - Employee Safety Handbook July 2016 [PDF 1.21 Mb]

Workplace safety awards are designed to reward initiatives that enhance and promote workplace safety. 

VicRoads Workplace Safety Award

The VicRoads Workplace Safety Award is open to all non-executive employees and groups within VicRoads who have made a significant contribution to improving health and safety within their workplace.

To make a nomination:

  • Provide details of any significant initiatives introduced by the nominated team or employee.
  • Outline how the initiative achieves its purpose.
  • Provide an overview of the consultation that occurred during the development and implementation of the initiative.
  • Outline whether there has been, or is potential for, broader application of the initiative in other areas of VicRoads.

Major Project Safety Excellence Award

The VicRoads Major Project Safety Innovation Award is to those who consistently demonstrate an excellent standard of safety during the duration of a major project. It also recognises major project contractors who implement exceptional safety innovation initiatives.

Major Project Safety Excellence Award criteria [PDF, 42KB]

The health and wellbeing of our staff is an important part of VicRoads safety culture. VicRoads values health and safety in the workplace. It takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing including physical, mental and social wellbeing as each impact on the other.

In terms of our strategic direction, when we look after our health and wellbeing, it clearly demonstrates that we care about our people and making their lives better.

The health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and the public is of paramount importance.

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