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It's easier than ever to do it online, for example: Sell and transfer my vehicle, Update my address, Pay my registration, check my demerit points, book an appointment, renew my licence, apply for a concession, order my driver history, calculate registration fees, buy and transfer my vehicle.

If you need to save yourself some time take a look at what you can do online. We moved more than 25 of our more popular transactions online which you can easily access with your own myVicRoads account. You can update your address, pay your registration, take The Learner Permit Test Online, check your demerit points and so much more.

myVicRoads is a place that’s ready and waiting to get you started, no matter where you’re headed.

Create your own myVicRoads account today or log in.

Click here to create your own myVicRoads account or log in.

Complete your transactions at a time that works for you and turn your ‘to-do’s into quick simple and done.

Access from your desktop, mobile or tablet. Where a quick click or a swipe makes any journey easy.

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