Arterial bridge strategy

When designing and building bridges, we aim to optimise accessibility, mobility and freight efficiency, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner for the Victorian community.

We also aim to manage bridges in a way that balances road transport needs with maintenance funding.

These aims are delivered through a framework for improving the performance of bridges across the following outcome areas: 

  • carrying 21st century vehicles
  • life cycle management for maximum benefit
  • ensuring safety
  • protecting our heritage.

Bridge strategy

Victoria's Arterial Bridge Strategy assists us in the management of structures on the declared arterial roads system. The principles in the strategy may also be applied by Local Government to the management of structures on local roads.

Bridges are critical links in the road network

Bridges carry roads over any obstacles in their path, such as rivers, rail lines or other roads. But if they are not managed properly they can become an obstruction to movement along a route - the weak link in the chain.

This can result in road closures, that disrupt peoples travel plans, or lead to restrictions on fully laden freight vehicles, causing longer freight routes to be taken. This is turn can lead to increased costs of goods and damage to the environment.

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