Safety - working towards zero

Safety is one of the key drivers behind VicRoads.

To make our roads safer, we’re embedding safe system principles into all of our road projects, and working in partnership with the TAC to roll out vital road safety upgrades across Victoria.

As part of Towards Zero, the Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion in new safety features and improving existing road infrastructure, to ensure every journey on a Victorian road is a safe one.

Since we began making these improvements;

  • run-off-road crashes have reduced by 26%
  • casualty crashes have reduced by 30%
  • intersection crashes have reduced by 35%

Towards Zero is the biggest effort ever to make roads safer across Victoria. By installing new safety features and improving existing infrastructure, we can prevent crashes from happening, or reduce their severity when they are unavoidable.

This comprehensive safety infrastructure package includes features such as:

  • flexible safety barriers
  • overtaking lanes
  • rumble strips
  • sealing road shoulders
  • safer speeds
  • curve improvements
  • intersection upgrades
  • pedestrian and cyclists improvements
  • controlled right turns.

These features have been proven to prevent and reduce the severity of crashes.

Find out what safety improvements we’re making in your area.

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