Sustainability & climate change strategy

VicRoads has an active role in positively influencing the sustainability of our road network and its impacts on the community. While a large part of our responsibility is to facilitate better journeys and strengthen productivity, it is important to recognise that delivering these outcomes has the potential to impact on wellbeing and environmental values of the community. 

Our Challenges 

In developing the five year strategy for 2015-2020, it was clear that our challenge is to improve the road system while supporting the living standards and wellbeing of all Victorians. 

  1. Protect health and wellbeing
    Our challenge is to reduce traffic noise and improve air quality to protect the broader community’s health and wellbeing. We seek to meet this challenge by planning a road network that avoids significant traffic noise and air quality impacts and design infrastructure that mitigates these impacts. We also work with other responsible agencies to reduce the impact of traffic movement on health and wellbeing.

  2. Protect community environmental values
    Our challenge is to recognise and protect biodiversity and water values of the community that may not be covered by State and Commonwealth legislation. We seek to meet this challenge by identifying environmental assets and understand the community’s environmental values early in the strategic network development process. We also seek to meet this challenge by designing infrastructure that mitigates impacts on water and biodiversity resources. 

  3. Embed environmental resilience
    Our challenge is to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also understanding the level of risk climate change poses to our infrastructure and community. We seek to meet challenge by planning, building, operating and maintaining our road network in a way that reduces greenhouse gas emission intensity. We also aim to meet the challenge by working with a range of stakeholders to ensure that infrastructure and community wellbeing is protected from the impact of future climate change events.

Our Plan

The Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy2015-2020 [PDF 1Mb] is the overarching document that seeks to guide the development of a suite of tools and initiatives. These include but are not limited to:

  • Review of the VicRoads Traffic Noise Reduction Policy
  • Development of a network air quality model
  • Review of stormwater management practices
  • Review of biodiversity management practices
  • Benchmarking the carbon footprint of our roads
  • Development of tools to support triple bottom line assessments and meet our obligations under the Transport Integration Act 2010
  • Development of tools that assist VicRoads to engage with the community to ensure solutions reflect community health, wellbeing and environmental values
An assessment of the climate change risks to our infrastructure and community has already been completed. 

VicRoads Sustainability and Climate Change Policy [PDF 281 Kb] sets out key priorities to:

  • reduce environmental and climate change impacts to and from the road network
  • protect our natural and cultural heritage
  • reduce our organisational footprint.

Our Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2015-2020 sets out a framework that will guide the delivery of activities which will contribute to the environmental sustainability and health and wellbeing objectives of the Transport Integration Act 2010. It articulates our vision, challenges and a broad plan that supports the wellbeing outcome which is a part of our Strategic Commitment.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to make lives better for our road users, the local and global community and future generations. As an organisation we will balance the needs of all groups of society. While addressing road user needs we will also seek to improve the broader community’s health and wellbeing while protecting their environmental values. To do this, we need to recognise that our impact extends beyond the road corridor, within the broader community and long after construction is complete.

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