Purpose & values

VicRoads purpose is to create a smart, safer road network to better connect Victoria.

Our purpose

VicRoads is a State Government agency that owns, manages and regulates the arterial road network, delivers road safety initiatives, and provides customer focused registration and licensing services.

As part of the Department of Transport, VicRoads works with other transport agencies to meet Victoria’s transport challenges and achieve the vision set out in the Transport Integration Act 2010 (the Act) “to meet the aspirations of Victorians for an integrated and sustainable transport system that contributes to an inclusive, prosperous and environmentally responsible state".

VicRoads contributes to the delivery of this vision by “creating a smart, safer road network to better connect Victoria” and focussing on:

  • Putting our customers and community first
  • Lifting the standards of our country roads
  • Creating a modern and effective road network for a stronger Victoria
  • Providing smarter roads and safer travel; and
  • Transforming our organisation through capability, technology and culture. 

Our values

VicRoads values identify the behaviours that are important to us as we go about our business. They underpin our ability to effectively serve the community and meet our challenges. Our words, actions and decisions will reflect these values.


  • Be honest, open and transparent.
  • Use our powers responsibly.
  • Report improper conduct.
  • Avoid real or apparent conflicts of interest.
  • Strive to earn and sustain a high level of public trust.


  • Provide frank, impartial and timely advice to the Government.
  • Provide high quality services to the Victorian community.
  • Identify and promote best practice.


  • Make decisions and provide advice on merit and without bias, inconsistency, favouritism or self interest.
  • Act fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and fair criteria.
  • Implement Government policies and programs equitably.


  • Work to achieve clear objectives in a transparent manner.
  • Accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • Seek to achieve the best use of resources.
  • Submit ourselves to appropriate scrutiny.


  • Treat colleagues, other public officials and members of the Victorian community fairly and objectively.
  • Ensure freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Use the views of others to improve outcomes.


  • Demonstrate and promote the organisation's values.
  • Communicate clear directions for the future.
  • Provide an environment that allows staff to do their best work.
  • Recognise and value staff for their contributions and accomplishments.
  • Help staff to identify and fulfill their professional potential.

Human rights

  • Make decisions and provide advice consistent with human rights.
  • Actively implement, promote and support human rights.

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