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Progressing a joint venture model for VicRoads registration, licensing and custom plates


The Victorian Government has made an in-principle decision to progress a joint venture model to support the delivery of VicRoads’ Registration and Licensing (R&L), and Custom Plates services. The purpose of a joint venture is to modernise a number of VicRoads services to make them more user-friendly for motorists and deliver value for money for Victorians.

This decision follows the completion of a detailed scoping study that identified a joint venture partnership as the best way to develop modern registration and licensing services while ensuring the Government retains control of pricing, road access and safety.

A joint venture model with Government will ensure we prioritise safe drivers in safe vehicles on our roads, and that savings are passed on to motorists.

The joint venture partner will operate the relevant functions of R&L, while modernising the IT system, promoting innovation, and enhancing customer experience through increased investment.

Through a joint venture the Victorian Government can build on recent initiatives with further digital services like the upcoming Online Learner’s Course, a new interactive program to apply for a learner permit.

Expressions of Interest

The Victorian Government is inviting suitably qualified parties to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be a joint venture partner with the State on R&L and Custom Plates businesses of VicRoads.

The State is seeking to partner with an established, mature and trusted provider to modernise a number of VicRoads services to make them more user-friendly for motorists and deliver value for money for Victorians.

Further information about the submission process and a copy of the Request for EOI is made available via [email protected].

The Request for EOI commenced on 17 September 2021 and closes on 18 October 2021.

Impact on jobs 

Leading up to this major milestone VicRoads and Department of Transport employees and their representatives, stakeholders and industry partners have been actively engaged on the proposed joint venture, and will continue to be engaged at every stage of the development.

The Government is also pleased to confirm that all employees currently involved in the delivery of R&L and Custom Plate services will have the opportunity to continue in a position in relation to the provision of those services either with the joint venture or the State on terms and conditions that are no less favourable. 

An in-principle agreement has been reached with the Australian Services Union and the Community and Public Sector Union on the key terms and conditions which will support current employees. Following this agreement, formal consultation will commence on the proposed operating model and staff matching process.

More information

Further information about this project will be published on this website as more details become available throughout the process.

More information is available on the Department of Treasury and Finance website at:

For any commercial enquires please contact [email protected]

For any general enquiries please contact [email protected]

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