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Progressing a joint venture model for VicRoads registration, licensing and custom plates


The Victorian Government has made an in-principle decision to progress a joint venture model for VicRoads registration, licensing and custom plates. The purpose of a joint venture is to modernise a number of VicRoads services to make them more user-friendly for motorists and deliver value for money for Victorians.

This decision follows the completion of a detailed scoping study that identified a joint venture partnership as the best way to develop modern registration and licensing services while ensuring the Government retains control of pricing, road access and safety.

A joint venture model will ensure Government retains responsibility for vital licensing and registration functions ensuring we have safe drivers in safe vehicles on our roads, and that savings are passed on to motorists.

Through a joint venture the Victorian Government can build on recent initiatives with further digital services like the creation of the upcoming Online Learner’s Course for example, a new interactive program to apply for a learner permit.

Developing a joint venture model

The Government will develop a joint venture proposal guided by stringent parameters and principles. Any partnership must secure the best value for Victorians, improve services and protect workers’ rights and entitlements.

The Government will retain ownership of motorists’ data and maintain safeguards to protect their privacy. Customer service centres will continue to operate so Victorians can keep accessing the services they need.

Impact on jobs

There will be no job losses for employees as a result of the joint venture. VicRoads employees, their representatives and VicRoads industry partners will be regularly kept up to date on any developments.


Subject to finalising a suitable proposal and further decision, the Government will commence engagement with the private sector later this year.

More information

Further information about this project will be published on this website as more details become available throughout the process.

More information is available on the Department of Treasury and Finance website at:

For any commercial enquires please contact [email protected]

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