Alcohol interlock suppliers

Information for existing alcohol interlock suppliers and for parties interested in becoming a supplier for the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program.

VicRoads is responsible for managing the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program. 

Alcohol interlock suppliers and their agent network must comply with strict conditions to operate in Victoria as service providers for the program. The suppliers/agents must only install alcohol interlocks approved for use in Victoria, and these interlocks must comply with strict standards determined by VicRoads. 

VicRoads monitors the integrity of the data downloaded from alcohol interlocks to ensure it is acceptable for use in court, and for making decisions regarding licensing conditions.

Information for Suppliers

The following information will assist parties who may be interested in applying to be a supplier for the program. These are the guidelines that existing service providers must comply with:

Interested in becoming a Supplier?

Approval of a new Alcohol Interlock Suppliers is done through an Expression of Interest process. 

If you’d like to be notified when an Expression of Interest is in place, please email [email protected] to register. 



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