Bushfire risk assessment guidelines

The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission (2009) requested VicRoads to implement a statewide program of bushfire risk assessment for all roads for which it is responsible.


In response to Recommendation 62 of the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission (2009), VicRoads developed the Road Bushfire Risk Assessment Guideline and Risk Mapping Methodology Guideline.

The guideline was developed in consultation with other agencies with fire management responsibilities and specialty bushfire risk management consultancy Terramatrix.

Key elements of the guideline

  • An outline of the key objectives with respect to road bushfire management.
  • Processes for assessing risk relating to each objective.
  • Guidance for determining what treatment is to be employed based on the risk of bushfire.
  • An outline of the bushfire management planning process.
  • Work sheets to assist with risk assessment and treatment selection.

Risk maps of the road network, both arterial and municipal, are available and should be used in conjunction with the guideline.

Download the guideline

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