Conducting works or events within the road reserve

There are several permissions and fees for conducting works or events within the arterial road reserve. See which ones may apply to you.

Freeways and arterial roads

VicRoads is the coordinating road authority for all arterial roads and freeways that are not privately owned in Victoria. 

Code of Practice under the Act

Codes of Practice have been developed to provide practical guidance for road authorities and works and infrastructure managers, in the performance of their functions and duties under the Act.

Consent to work on the road

You will need to apply for consent to conduct works on an arterial road or freeway. 

Memorandum of Authorisation 

You will need to apply for a MoA if you need to manage traffic and install temporary traffic control devices at a worksite or an event. 

Road Occupation Charge

Private parties wanting to occupy space on the road may need to pay a Road Occupation Charge.

Events and filming on arterial roads

Non-road activities such as a street fair, a cycling event or fun runs and filming undertaken on arterial roads require a permit.  

Information for Traffic Management Companies

With construction booming in Victoria, the need for highly skilled, professional traffic management operators has never been more critical. 

The Department of Transport is currently developing a new accreditation program for traffic management companies. More information coming soon.  

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