Guidelines for placement of skips on roadsides

The Code of Practice for the placement of waste bins on roadsides provides for the safe placement and use of waste bins on footpaths, nature strips, roads and in public places.

It is endorsed by the Victorian Waste Management Association, the Municipal Association of Victoria, LGPro and VicRoads.

Designed as a reference document for the supplier, driver, hirer and Council, the Code provides information on the following aspects of hired waste bins:

  • safe placement
  • visibility, including the use of retro-reflective marking
  • identification
  • relevant regulations, and
  • responsibilities for waste bins.

The Code contains guidelines which are common to all municipalities. It should be noted however that each Council may have additional policies, conditions and local laws relating to waste bins.

Code Of Practice For The Placement Of Waste Bins On Roadsides [PDF 185 Kb]

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