Protection Work Notices

Do you need to submit a Protection Work Notice to adjoining property owners in accordance with the Building Act 1993?  Is VicRoads an adjoining property owner? You will need to provide information to get agreement from VicRoads.

Do I need any other permits to conduct protection work within the road reserve?

If any part of protection work is in, on, under or over a road reserve, you must also obtain consent to conduct work within the road reserve in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004. You can find the procedure for applying for consent to undertake work in the road reserve in Working within the road reserve.

VicRoads, in agreeing to protection work in accordance with the Building Act 1993, is not deemed to have given consent to conduct protection work within the road reserve in accordance with the Road Management Act. Protection work within the road reserve must not commence until consent has been given by VicRoads in accordance with the Road Management Act.

Do I have to provide a Protection Work Notice to VicRoads?

Your Building Surveyor will issue with a Determination that Protection Work is Required (Form 6) listing all adjoining land owners, including VicRoads. Your Building Surveyor will determine if VicRoads is an adjoining land owner by checking the Maps of Declared Roads to check if your property adjoins a freeway, arterial road or non arterial state road. If VicRoads is listed on your Form 6, you must submit a Protection Work Notice (Form 7) to VicRoads.

What information do I have to provide?

With your Protection Work Notice (Form 7), you must provide the information listed in the VicRoads Protection Work Notice submission checklist [DOCX 1.5Mb].

How do I submit the information?

Email: [email protected] (attachments can be up to 100Mb)
Write to: Manager Geotechnical Services, Level 1 12 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East Victoria 3151

Applications by email are recommended. Please email us to arrange the transfer of large files.

Confirmation of receipt

All Protection Work Notice (Form 7) submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt together with contact details for any enquiries relating to that submission. 

When will I know if VicRoads agrees to my protection work?

VicRoads will respond with a Protection Work Response Notice (Form 8) within 14 days of receipt of the Protection Work Notice (Form 7).

VicRoads will either:
  • agree to the proposed protection work
  • request further information, or
  • disagree with the proposed protection work and provide the reasons.

Will VicRoads inspect my protection work?

VicRoads may decide to inspect your protection work. If this occurs, you will be provided with a Surveillance and Audit plan with the Protection Work Response Notice (Form 8) agreeing to the protection work.

What fees do I have to pay?

A fee is payable for the assessment of a Protection Work Notice (Form 7) and the inspection of protection work.

The fee is not fixed and instead is determined by the number of hours required to assess your application and inspect your protection work. The fee will be invoiced directly to you by VicRoads.

Do I have to tell VicRoads the protection work is completed?

Within 2 months of completing the protection work, you must provide VicRoads with a complete set of as constructed drawings and specifications for the protection work which has actually been carried out adjacent to and in the road reserve. The drawings and specifications should include the location of any ground anchors in the road reserve, the location of any piles adjacent to the road reserve, and the pile and ground anchor installation and test records. It is an offence under s101 of the Building Act 1993 to fail to provide this information to VicRoads.

How do I submit as constructed drawings and specifications?

Email: [email protected] (attachments can be up to 100Mb)


If you require further information in relation to Building Act Protection Work Notices, you should contact the Manager Geotechnical Services.
Email: [email protected]


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