Heavy Vehicle Consultation Group

The Victorian Government have established a Heavy Vehicle Consultation Group (HVCG).  In an Australian first all sectors of the heavy vehicle industry – bulk and volumetric freight commodities, heavy haulage, agriculture, livestock and cranes – will be brought together in one place to provide expertise on the access challenges that face the entire industry.

Terms of Reference

The HVCG is a forum for discussion and consultation on issues relating to heavy vehicles and freight with a focus on the deliverables of the Heavy Vehicle Roadmap.

  • provide feedback and advice to the Government on network priorities.
  • review options on the Heavy Vehicle Road Map and provide advice.
  • review and provide feedback for road freight policy development, and input into Department road freight policies.
  • Review and feedback on heavy vehicle industry and community campaigns.
  • facilitate collaboration between heavy vehicle stakeholders including the NHVR, users and industry.

Focus of activities

This group will play a critical role in setting the agenda for the Heavy Vehicle Reform, providing feedback to new policies and access arrangements, while also providing insight into what the future holds for the industry to ensure that the Government acts pro-actively in this space. It is a panel of experts convened for the purpose of providing feedback to the Government on heavy vehicle network priorities. 

  • The HVCG is also purposed to provide strategic feedback in the delivery of the Victorian Freight Plan and future road freight directions.
  • Input and feedback is also sought on how the Heavy Vehicle Road Map may be progressed 
  • Input and feedback  on how to deliver best value on streamlining the permit process and other investments that will maximise benefits for both heavy vehicles and the Victorian community.

Meetings and members

The HVCG will remain in place for 24 months from its commencement and meet every quarter (i.e., every three months). The Minister for Roads and Road Safety and the Executive Director, Transport Planning, Department of Transport are the Co-Chairs of the HVCG.    

The membership of HVCG is:

  • Victorian Transport Association 
  • Victorian Farmers Federation
  • Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
  • Crane Industry Council of Australia
  • Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia
  • Construction Material Processors Association
  • Representative, heavy haulage industry
  • National Bulk Tankers Association
  • Livestock & Rural Transporters Association - Victoria
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Transport Workers Union – Vic/Tas Branch
  • Minister for Roads and Roads Safety 
  • Minister for Freights and Ports
  • Transport Planning, Department of Transport 
  • Engineering, Department of Transport 
  • Freight Victoria, Department of Transport
  • Intergovernmental Relations, Department of Transport 

For further information on the HVCG please contact Transport Planning, Department of Transport via email [email protected]


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