What is a Road Manager?

VicRoads, as the state road authority, has been the traditional decision-maker for the access of oversize/overmass and restricted access vehicles (i.e. class 1, 2 or 3 heavy vehicles) to the state’s road network. The HVNL changes this regulatory practice by introducing the concept of a road manager.

The road manager will work directly with the Regulator, rather than VicRoads, to assess route conditions and decide which class 1, 2 or 3 heavy vehicle can travel on local government roads.

VicRoads, local councils and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries are all road managers under this new law. The VicRoads Heavy Vehicle and Tow Truck Customer Service Group will liaise directly with the Regulator regarding decisions relating to access on the roads that are VicRoads specific responsibility.

(The Victorian Application Act, which brings the HVNL into Victoria, carries, in section 18, a full description of what is meant by a road manager.)

Now this Law has commenced, VicRoads will feed all route access enquiries from councils directly through to the Regulator. Traditional practices of contacting VicRoads with requests for access information or applications have now ceased.

The road manager can decide not to give consent if the heavy vehicle is likely to cause damage to the road infrastructure or adversely affect public amenity or safety, and it is not possible to impose conditions that will avoid or significantly minimise those matters.

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