When do I contact VicRoads?

Drivers and operators are able to do some of their heavy vehicle business activities at VicRoads Customer Service Centres and agencies.

This includes paying their heavy vehicle registration fees (this includes the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme), renewing driver licences, booking heavy vehicle inspections and purchasing the new National Driver Work Diary.

The National Driver Work Diary can be purchased for $25 at VicRoads Customer Service Centres and Agencies. Importantly, the diary is not a VicRoads document, but VicRoads now sells the diary on behalf of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Drivers can use their existing work diary for up to six months after the national law and regulations commence.

The regulation of carrying dangerous goods, road rules and drink/drug driving rules also remain under Victorian law. However, NHVR authorised officers now enforce heavy vehicle offences under Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Legal and court processes largely remain the same as they were before the HVNL. This means if you receive a fine under the HVNL, you will still make payment or contest the infringement notice as per the instructions on the reverse of the ticket. 

Existing approved vehicle examiner schemes and services in Victoria will continue to be managed by VicRoads on behalf of the Regulator.

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