Getting third-party support to travel

In addition to a permit from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), operators of over-size or over-mass vehicles also require third-party support prior to travel.

Freight train crossing a rail crossing

Third parties are the owners or operators of assets that heavy vehicles travel on, over or under. Third parties include toll-road operators, rail-asset managers, telecommunications providers and utility companies.

The Department of Transport and Planning is responsible for providing the final approval or consent to the NHVR for a NHVR permit (as applicable) for heavy vehicle access on the arterial road network. However, certain mass and dimensions require engagement with third parties to seek their support to enable heavy vehicle access on the arterial road network. A third party may also recommend conditions of access to its assets depending on your vehicle’s mass and dimensions.

It is the operator’s responsibility to contact the relevant third party. The following information is intended to provide initial guidance and should be confirmed when contacting the third party.

Below is a list of key third-party assets, and the process that applies to obtain third-party support.

Select an asset from the list below for more information.

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