Metropolitan rail network

It is the operator’s responsibility to contact the relevant third party to determine if support is required. The following information is intended to provide initial guidance and should be confirmed when contacting the third party.

Third party: Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)

Support required for: All vehicles that exceed specified mass and dimension

Operators of vehicles that exceed the following mass and dimensions must seek the support of MTM to cross their level crossings:

  • 9m overall height
  • 0m overall width
  • 26m metres overall length
  • 100t GCM

Applications should be made at

Applications are typically processed within five business days.


MTM may charge fees for its support as per the Monetary Units Act 2004. For most applicants, these fees will be communicated and managed by DTP. In the case of superloads, MTM may communicate directly with the applicant.

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