Peninsula Link

It is the operator’s responsibility to contact the relevant third party to determine if support is required. The following information is intended to provide initial guidance and should be confirmed when contacting the third party.

Third party: Service Stream

Support required for: All vehicles that exceed specified mass and dimension

Operators of vehicles without as-of-right or pre-approved access must seek support from the Service Stream Control Room Supervisor [email protected] or (03) 5978 4012. The Peninsula Link contact number listed on your DTP permit may also be used.

Applicants will typically be required to supply:

  • Height of the combination (including load)
  • Weight of the combination (including load)
  • Length of the combination (including load)
  • The planned route
  • Date and time of movement
  • A copy of your NHVR permit

Applications are typically processed within five business days.


Service Stream does not charge an access fee.

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