Bus & truck driver handbook

This handbook sets out the legal and road safety requirements for drivers of buses and trucks.

It provides information to assist bus and truck licence applicants to:

  • know what is required by industry to operate buses and trucks
  • know the specific laws applicable to heavy vehicles, and
  • understand the requirements necessary to gain a bus and truck licence (the bus & truck knowledge test is based on information contained in this handbook. Applicants need to have the most up to date version).

Latest version

The latest version of this handbook in both PDF version below and hard copy is dated June 2021.

Please refer to the following link for the most up to date list of accredited training and test providers for heavy vehicles.

Where you can purchase the handbook

Available for purchase:


Refer to the Bus and truck driver handbook fee when buying from a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Languages available

The Bus and truck driver handbook is available for purchase and to view online in English only.

Download the Victorian Bus & Truck Drivers Handbook [PDF 2.7 Mb].

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