Heavy vehicle rollover prevention program

The Heavy Vehicle Rollover Prevention Program provides organisations with information to run their own training and awareness presentations for staff. The presentation is an important part of understanding what causes crashes and how by working together, they can be prevented.

VicRoads provides practical, relevant consulting services to industry groups, individual companies or owner operators with a range of heavy vehicle safety and compliance related services. This includes implementation of the Heavy Vehicle Rollover Prevention Program and train-the-trainer sessions.

Each request for service will be considered on an individual basis. For an indication of costs or further enquiries, please contact VicRoads by email: [email protected]

Program videos

The Heavy Vehicle Rollover Prevention Program is now available in a packaged eight part series ideal for training, toolbox sessions and refreshers. These specialised videos, complete with training notes and selected pictures, can be purchased through Training Snippets.

Organisations can run their own presentation by using the following tools.

Tool 1: Prevention guide

This booklet has information to guide users on how to implement the program using the various tools.

Truck Rollover Prevention guide [PDF 345 Kb].

Tool 2: Program presentation

The presentation illustrates the main safety concerns and learnings from the program. Regardless of the transport task, the information is relevant and allows you to customise for your own transport operation. The presentation may be reproduced in its entirety, but no part should be removed. Due to embedded video links contained within the presentation, to view click 'save' then proceed.

Truck Rollover Program presentation [PPT 6.2 Mb]

Tool 3: Code of behaviour

A code of behaviour is an opportunity to allow everyone to have their say, to see the problems others face, and to collectively provide a workable solution to that issue. This should be developed from the framework provided, but you need to add or customise it to suit your particular freight task issues.

Please feel free to discuss with your local Transport Safety Services (TSS) officers if you require information or advice in developing a code.

Transport Operator Code of Behaviour example [DOC 40 Kb].

Tool 4: Information bulletin

The information bulletin is an overview of some key points in preventing rollovers. It may be reproduced as required but only in its entirety.

Truck Rollover information bulletin [PDF 512 Kb].

Tool 5: Example truck models

The models complement the presentation and reinforce the concepts raised. By using scale models you can easily and clearly demonstrate the effects of different loads and different configurations with loads.

The models can be sourced from model design and construction specialists, using the truck model drawings [PDF 636 Kb].

Tool 6: Program video

The video explains the issues, uses realistic models to demonstrate scientific explanations, and shares real life experiences from people in the industry. The video is divided into 8 segments. To save the videos, right click on the link and choose 'save target as'.

Email us for more information: [email protected]

Produced by VicRoads in conjunction with the Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council, and the generous assistance of numerous members of the transport industry in Victoria.

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