Height clearance on roads

The height clearance map shows the clearance between the road surface and overhead structures and is intended to assist heavy vehicle operators and drivers to plan their routes.

VicRoads is committed to providing the heavy vehicle industry with up to date information on the Victorian road network. Having information available about height clearances and locations is important in ensuring the safety and productivity of all heavy vehicles in Victoria.

Select the map button below to view the height clearance on arterial roads. Click symbols to see the figures for each travel directions. 

View the Height Clearance map

What roads are included?

The map shows the locations and height clearance of structures over arterial roads (freeways, highways and main roads). The relevant municipality or road manager should be consulted for details of overhead structures when operating on local roads, however, where advised by road managers, local structures will be added to the height clearance map.

How is it measured?

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct. The height clearance figures are a result of field measurements or sign posted clearances. Re-sealing of road pavements or other works may reduce the available clearance under some structures.

What is my responsibility?

It is the responsibility of the operator and driver of a vehicle to ensure that the clearance under overhead structures is sufficient to enable safe passage. 
A vehicle must not travel or attempt to travel beneath a bridge or overhead structure if the height of the vehicle, including its load, is equal to or greater than the height shown on the map.

How often the map is updated?

We update this information continually. The figures may be reviewed on request if necessary.

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