Transporting houses & prefabricated buildings

The dimension limits for transporting houses and prefabricated buildings have been set to facilitate the safe movement of dwellings and structures across the network.

This information sets out the maximum dimensions and mass limits, access and operating conditions for a vehicle combination transporting houses and prefabricated buildings.

Image of a truck carrying a pre fabricated building.

A prime mover and semi-trailer combination towing a prefabricated building

What is the mass limit?

The maximum mass limit for the combination is 43.0 tonnes including the steer axle concession.

What are the dimension limits?

Annual permits are available for vehicles transporting one indivisible house or prefabricated building up to the laden vehicle dimension limits and rear overhang limits as per below. The dimensions include external fittings, such as guttering, plumbing, lighting, verandas, bay windows and eaves.

  • 5.0 metres in width
  • 5.0 metres in height
  • 30.0 metres in length
  • 1.2 metres in trailer deck height.

Maximum rear overhang must be within the limit as set out in Transporting houses & prefabricated building information update - June 2018 [PDF 348 Kb].

What access can I get?

The vehicle combination can access all approved or conditionally approved arterial roads on the Oversize & Overmass network map. Access to other roads will require consent from the relevant road manager (such as local government or the Port).

What are the Load Restraint Requirements?

Houses and prefabricated dwellings must be transported in such a way that the restraint system used complies with the load restraint performance standards. These standards are listed in the Load Restraint Guide  published by the National Transport Commission.

What operating conditions apply?

  • The entire length of the building must be supported by the trailer or the trailer extension beams.
  • Windows must be secured to withstand transportation forces.
  • No part of the underframe or cross member support can protrude laterally more than 50mm for the outside wall of the house or prefabricated structure directly above it.
  • A laden vehicle combination that is longer than 26 metres or wider than 3.5 metres must comply with the pilot and escort chart [PF 105Kb].

Travel time restriction

Refer to the Transporting houses & prefabricated building information update - June 2018 [PDF 348 Kb].

What if I exceed the dimension limits?

Access will be considered on a case by case basis. Operators will be required to provide VicRoads with the following:

  • A clear explanation as to why the house or prefabricated building cannot be reduced to the dimension limits.
  • A detailed assessment of the route (route survey) highlighting all turns with swept path drawings and noting all pinch points on the route and how the operator intends to mitigate them. (Please note that the eaves must be removed for a load that exceeds 5.5 metres).

How do I apply for a permit?

To obtain a permit to transport prefabricated buildings please submit your Class 1 permit application via the NHVR website.

Relevant information sheet

Transporting houses & prefabricated building information update - June 2018 [PDF 348 Kb]

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