Truck curfews and the Inner West

Truck curfews let trucks know when they can use certain roads, so we can find a balance between the needs of the local community and local truck operators.

Project Update - September 2016

Truck counts

Every year VicRoads undertakes a formal traffic count to assess and monitor the effectiveness of the curfews. The Truck Count Report helps us to see the number of trucks travelling on selected Footscray and Yarraville roads, compared with previous years.

View the 2016 Truck Count Report [PDF 1.7Mb] 
Also view the 2015 Truck Count Report [PDF 925 Kb] 

Trucks and the Inner West

Trucks play a crucial role in the transport of goods from our ports, around Victoria and interstate, giving people thousands of jobs and contributing to Victoria’s economy.
A significant number of trucks travel through Yarraville and Footscray on their way to and from the Port of Melbourne which impacts the local community, particularly in terms of truck noise and emissions.

Since 2001, we've put into plce a number of measures to encourage truck operators to avoid using local streets and start utilising the surrounding freeway network instead.  This includes introducing full time restrictions and time-based truck curfews on many roads and installing signalised intersections to assist truck movements onto other roads.  

Truck curfews

In 2001 and 2002, night time and weekend truck curfews were introduced on sections of Francis Street and Somerville Road to reduce the impact of truck noise and emissions on local residents.  From 29 January 2015, a new curfew on Moore Street and extended truck curfews on Somerville Road were introduced to address community concerns around safety, noise and air quality. 

The Moore Street curfew operates between 8pm and 6am weeknights and from 1pm Saturday to 6am Monday.  Locally based operators and deliveries are exempt, however they must carry proof they are driving to, or returning from a delivery in the service area.  (Please refer to map below.)

Map - Truck curfews in the inner west [PDF, 104 Kb]

The Somerville Road curfew operates between 8pm and 6am weeknights and from 1pm Saturday to 6am Monday, and has been extended to include school drop-off and pick up times. 

The extended Somerville Road curfew operates between 8-9.30am and 2.30-4pm Monday to Friday and applies on school days only.  

The driver of a truck must not drive past a ‘no trucks’ sign unless:
  • the destination of the truck is beyond the sign; and
  • the purpose is to load or unload goods and there is no other route to that destination; or
  • other routes to the destination also have no truck signs.
Please refer to Rule 104 of the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 for the full wording and exemptions.

A truck is a vehicle over 4.5 tonnes gross weight constructed to carry loads. It does not include vehicles such as buses, caravans, cranes or concrete pumps.

Francis Street curfew update

We've Extended the existing truck curfews in place across Melbourne’s inner west, with trucks being banned on Francis Street in Yarraville during school drop-off and pick-up times. 
The curfew is in place on weekdays from 8am to 9.30 am and 2.30pm to 4pm, during the school term.

More information on the Francis Street curfew and existing curfews can be found below.

Trucks curfews in the inner west July 2106 [PDF, 1Mb]

Take the easy way – take the Freeway brochure [PDF 1.08 Mb]

Inner West curfews - Francis Street school curfew update - Information Update July 2016 [PDF 2.93Mb]

Napier Street Bridge upgrade

In response to community concerns about the safety of Napier Street Bridge, the protection barriers on the bridge will be realigned to reduce the risks of a heavy load being dislodged and becoming a hazard to pedestrians and other road users. For further information, refer to themedia release (External link).

Moore Street exemption

The driver of a truck may drive past any ‘no trucks’ sign located on, or applying to, Moore Street, Footscray, if he or she is carrying a document which demonstrates that the origin or destination of the truck lies in the area identified in the map and the truck is loading or unloading goods or equipment, or returning from loading or unloading goods or equipment, in that area.

Drivers must have an electronic notice or paper document such as a purchase order, invoice or receipt to evidence that they are driving to or returning from a delivery in the exempted area. A National Heavy Vehicle Regulator/VicRoads heavy vehicle access permit does not remove the need to comply with the conditions of the curfew.


Truck curfews are monitored by VicRoads Transport Safety Services patrols to support compliance and enforce penalties for non compliance. 

The on the spot fine for disobeying a ‘no trucks’ sign is $155. If a driver chooses to contest this fine in court, they could be fined up to $466. 

We work closely with the freight industry and local businesses to educate and inform them of the curfews and alternative routes. Signs signs are in place on local roads and the surrounding road network to let drivers know about the curfews and allow them to plan their trips.

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