Planning for road works - heavy vehicle detours

The following considerations should be given to ensure heavy vehicles are accommodated when road works take place.

Similar to light vehicles, heavy vehicles must be considered when undertaking works on any part of the road network. However, unlike light vehicles, some heavy vehicle combinations only have access to a limited number of roads and being larger and heavier than cars, require more space and stronger infrastructure to operate on the road network.

This means that road works which limit access may have a detrimental impact on the heavy vehicle industry and its customers. A number of issues must be considered to minimise the impact of these works.

What do you need to consider? 

Firstly, you must identify the heavy vehicle combinations that currently use the route. An assessment of the heavy vehicle network maps will help you determine which combinations have access (green roads) to the route.

These maps will also help you identify if an alternative route is available for the combination in question.

If an appropriate alternative route is not mapped out for the vehicle, a detour route must be identified. 

Construction impacts on Heavy Vehicle Access 

The Construction impacts on Heavy Vehicle Access flow-chart [PDF 53 Kb] has been created to help you identify if, and how, your works might affect heavy vehicles.

As outlined in the flow-chart, all enquiries relating to heavy vehicle detours should be sent to [email protected]

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