Drug names

Learning the different terms used for certain drugs will assist you in identifying them if they’re discussed in your workplace.

If you hear employees mention a name that you suspect may be in reference to a drug, you can use the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Get the effects by txt! SMS service to investigate. 

The service provides reliable information about different drugs and their effects. Simply text a drug name (it can be the street/slang name) you want to know about to 0439 TELL ME (0439 835 563). Normal text message charges will apply.

Below are some examples of popular street/slang names for a number of drugs:

Drug Class Street Names Prescription Brand Names
Amphetamine Stimulant, sympathomimetic, appetite suppressant

Ice, speed, phet, dexies, crystal, crank, black beauties, bennies, uppers, pills, whizz, sulph, paste, billy, base

Dexedrine, Benzedrine
Depressant, sedative, hypnotic
Downers, barbs, reds, downers, nembutal, phenobarbital, red birds, red devils, seconal, tuninal, yellowjacket
Amytal, Fiorinal, Nembutal, Donna
Depressant, sedative hypnotic
Bennies, benzos, ludes, downers, jellies
Valium, Ativan, Xanax, Serax
Coke, crack, rock, snow, blow, sniff, white stuff, powder, nose, star dust, wash, toot, stones, rocks, percy, pebbles, freebase, ching, charlie, chang, c
Codiene Analgesic, opiate N/A N/A
Ethanol Depressent, sedative, hypnotic Alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, booze, drink, bevvy, juice, sauce, alco-pop, spirit, liquid courage, Dutch courage
Heroin Analgesic Smack, tar, chasing the dragon, skag, browntstone, brown, gea Morphine, Duramorph, Roxanol
LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
LSD, lucy, white lightning, trippers, acid, microdots, window trips, tab, starts, smilies, paper mushrooms, liquid acid, hawk, flash, blotter
Marijuana/Cannabis Hallucinogen Pot, dope, weed, hash, hemp, smoke, skunk, hashish, resin, puff, herb, green, grass, ganja, chong, 420 Marinol, Cesamet
Methadone Analgesic, opiate Fizzies, physeptone, mixture, linctus Dolophine
Methamphetamine Stimulant Speed, ice, crystal, crank, tina, christine, yaba, glass, bennies Desosyn, Methedrine
Methaqualone Depressant, sedative, hypnotic Ludes, disco biscuits, 714, lemons Quaalude
MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) Stimulant Ecstasy, XTC, ADAM, lover’s speed, molly, superman, pills, mitsubishis, mandy, E, cowies, brownies N/A
Phencyclidine Hallucinogen PCP, angel dust, hog, peace pills N/A
Propxyphene Analgesic, opiate N/A Daryocet, Darvon

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