Truck curfews

Truck curfews provide restrictions to access and vehicle mass on certain roads, implemented as a means of finding a balance between the needs of the local community and local truck operators.

Truck curfews determine when trucks can use certain roads and aim to strike a balance between the local community and truck operators. Unless otherwise signed, restrictions apply to trucks above 4.5t Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Access is restricted during the times listed on the relevant sign. If times are not specified on the sign then trucks are restricted 24/7. 

For more detailed information about truck curfews, see:

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Who can implement truck curfews?

"No truck" signs are classified as a major traffic control device and, as such, their implementation is managed by VicRoads. 

Local councils may seek approval from VicRoads in order to install "no truck" signs on local roads they manage. 

"No truck" signs are covered under Reg 104 of the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

Why do trucks still travel on signed roads?

There are many cases where a driver of a truck driver may still access a road during curfew periods, including (but not limited to):

  • If the destination of the truck lies beyond that sign for the purposes of loading or unloading goods or equipment; and
  • If the truck is allowed to travel as stated in the permit.

How often is the map updated?

VicRoads constantly updates all of the heavy vehicle network maps, including the Truck Curfew map.  Not all routes with truck restrictions (particularly on local roads) have been mapped to date. If you are aware of a route missing from this map please contact VicRoads.

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