How to apply for, renew & manage your LVT licence

Find out the steps required to apply for, renew, change or cancel your Licensed Vehicle Tester licence.



To help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, VicRoads has discontinued site visits for workshop inspections until further notice. The ability of LVT training providers to deliver the necessary training is also uncertain at this time. VicRoads is therefore unable to accept any new Licensed Vehicle Tester licence applications until further notice.  For status updates, please check this webpage or contact our Vehicle Safety & Registration Services team on 1300 309 571  (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday). VicRoads thanks you for your understanding.

VicRoads will send you your renewal notice.

To renew your LVT licence follow these steps.

  • Print, read and sign the Licensed Vehicle Tester licence conditions. Sign each page and retain in the tester’s own filing system.
  • Conduct an audit of the licence operation using the Licensed Vehicle Tester audit checklist [DOC 127 Kb]. Rectify all identified audit issues. The checklist is then to be retained in the testers own roadworthy filing system and must be available to the VicRoads auditors.
  • Complete the renewal form including signing the declaration and post your renewal notice with the nominated renewal fee to:

Vehicle Fitness Section
60 Denmark Street
KEW VIC 3101

If you did not receive your renewal notice

If for some reason the renewal does not arrive, it is your responsibility to call VicRoads Vehicle Fitness Section on 1300 309 571 and arrange payment. You must not test vehicles if the licence has expired.


Changing company directors

If you have a change in directors in your company following the resignation of a director, you must provide VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section with:

  • an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) extract showing the new directors.

The new director will have to:

  • provide a National Police Certificate (original) obtained from the Victorian Police or Australian Federal Police issued no longer than 3 months prior to this application
  • provide a certified copy of the LVT Administration training course Certificate & Card (front and back). Note: The Administration course must have been completed by the new director no longer than 6 months prior to this application unless the director is, or has recently been, the director of another Licensed Vehicle Tester.
  • provide a certified copy of their driver’s licence (front and back)
  • post an Application to authorise employee form [PDF 366 Kb] with the supporting documentation listed above to:

Vehicle Fitness Section
60 Denmark Street
KEW VIC 3101

Change of address or additional premises for testing vehicles

Any changed or additional premises must comply with the same premises and equipment requirements as a new licence application.

Complete the Request to change licensed premises details [PDF 179 Kb] and post it to us.

Sites cannot be shared and each site must have the required equipment. The VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section must be notified in writing (see form) and testing cannot occur at the new site until permission has been granted.

A fee is payable for each site change.

Adding staff to your licence

When you employ suitably qualified staff who have completed the appropriate Licensed Vehicle Tester accredited training and you want them to test vehicles or sign certificates:

Keep a copy of the application and associated documentation in your own roadworthy filing system.

Notify VicRoads when audit issues have been resolved

Following the resolution of issues identified during an audit, you must notify VicRoads by:

Note: Keep a copy of your Corrective Action Response Sheet in your own roadworthy filing system.

Adding other vehicle test categories

There are a number of testing categories and the type of vehicle the business normally deals in will determine the category of licence issued. The vehicle categories are:

  • LV - Light Vehicles (vehicles up to 4.5 tonne GVM including trailers)
  • MC - Motorcycles and Trikes (1 front, 2 rear wheels and handlebar steering). Note: Trikes are tested at the discretion of the tester as a car driver’s licence and an accessible workshop are required. 
  • HV - Heavy Vehicles (vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM including trailers)
  • LB - Buses (vehicles with 10 or more seats including the driver)
  • LP - Is in addition to LV or HV and allows the inspection of LPG equipped vehicles. Note: LPG equipped vehicles can only be tested by mechanics who hold LPG accreditation.

To add other vehicle test categories:

  • check the Licensed vehicle tester licence conditions [PDF 248 Kb] and the licence application information to ensure that you have suitable premises for the category you want to add and determine any additional equipment needed
  • check that your staff possess the training and accreditation requirements to inspect that class of vehicle. They must also hold the appropriate drivers licence
  • send a written request to the VicRoads Vehicle Fitness Section including:
    • copies of qualifications and accreditation
    • photographs showing the workshop area to be used
    • photographs of any mandatory equipment.

Taxi and Bus inspection requests should be discussed with the VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section before applying as special conditions apply.


Selling the business that holds the License Vehicle Tester (LVT) licence

If you have sold your business, and it was your only licensed premises, the LVT licence must be surrendered immediately.

If you have sold the business at the licensed premises and are re-opening the same business at another premises, you must complete a Request to change licensed premises details form [PDF 179 Kb] and post to:

VicRoads,Vehicle Fitness Section
60 Denmark Street
KEW VIC 3101

The new site must have the required equipment and meet the licence conditions. Testing cannot occur at the new site until permission from VicRoads has been granted.

A Licensed Vehicle Tester licence cannot be transferred to a new owner.

The company holding the licence is sold

If the company that buys the business has a different ACN to the existing licence holder then the current licence must be surrendered immediately and the new company will need to apply for a licence.

If the company buying the business already has a licence they will need to apply for an additional or change of premises. The company selling their business must surrender their licence immediately.

If the company that sold the business has other premises that are still operating under the control of the original licensed company, then all books and documents should go to that company.

A Licensed Vehicle Tester licence cannot be transferred to a new company.

Surrendering the licence

To surrender your licensed vehicle tester licence:

  • notify VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section in writing
  • return any unused books of certificates and any used books that are less than three years old
  • any additional books must be retained for a period of seven years. Any books that are disposed of after seven years must be destroyed in accordance with privacy requirements.

The VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section can be contacted by:

  • email [email protected]
  • fax on (03) 9854 2553
  • post to VicRoads, Vehicle Fitness Section, 60 Denmark Street, Kew VIC 3101
  • call 1300 309 571 for LVT application enquiries 
  • call 13 11 71 for general enquires.

If you have a complaint regarding the roadworthy process, refer to the complaint process described at Get a Certificate of Roadworthiness.

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