Licensed vehicle testers forms and fees

This page contains both forms and fees that are relevant to new and existing licensed vehicle testers.

1 Licensed Vehicle Testers Licence Conditions [PDF 387 Kb] The conditions of licence, specifies what you must comply with in addition to the legislation. It also contains the list of approved equipment and other requirements.
2 Pre-approval application for Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) licence [PDF 106 Kb] Used to seek approval from VicRoads before continuing with the next steps to become a LVT licence holder. 
3 Order Form for Licensed Vehicle Testers [PDF 39 Kb] Used for the ordering of a Roadworthy Register and LVT Sign.
4 Application to Authorise Employee [PDF 77 Kb] Notifies VicRoads when you authorise employees to sign certificates or test vehicles. Please attach a copy of the persons trade qualifications, accreditation certificate or card and drivers licence.
5 Corrective Action Response Sheet [PDF 43 Kb]
Used to notify the VicRoads Vehicle Fitness section that issues identified at audit have been rectified.
6 Supplementary restraint system report [PDF 121 Kb] To be completed by an authorised dealer of the vehicle manufacturer for the make of vehicle being tested. The form is to verify that the SRS system has been checked by the dealer, using the factory endorsed procedures and test equipment. There are two types of inspections, one is for a standard operational test and can be used for crash damaged vehicles and the other is for vehicles that have been water immersed.
7 Vehicle Damage and Structural Repair Report [PDF 113 Kb] Completed by an Insurance Company’s recognised smash damage repairer business to declare that a vehicle has been inspected and to confirm it has been correctly repaired and continues to comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s standards and guidelines.
8 Request to change licensed premises details [PDF 179 Kb] Contains the information needed to process a change of address or add an additional premise to the licence.
9 Licensed vehicle tester audit checklist [DOC 127 Kb] Used for internal audits and is also to be completed as part of the licence renewal process.
10 Automotive Workshop Inspection Checklist [PDF 492 Kb] Checklist used to ensure that your workshop complies with the basic requirements of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations.

If you have any enquiries regarding these fees, email:

[email protected]

New Licensed Vehicle Tester applicant fees

These fees represent those payable by an applicant for a Licensed Vehicle Tester licence.

Item Fee
Pre-application assessment fee $127.20
Licence Start Up Kit fee
Kit includes
  • 100 roadworthy eCertificates
  • One book of roadworthy certificates
  • One Licensed Vehicle Tester sign 
  • Roadworthy Register

Existing Licensed Vehicle Tester fees

These items listed are only available to current Licensed Vehicle Testers or supplied as part of a bona fide application to become a tester.

Item Fee

100 roadworthy eCertificates

Certificate of Roadworthiness Book  $341.20
Licence Renewal (per licence)   $25.40
Premises Approval Request   $127.20 
Licensed Vehicle Tester Sign   $169.00 
Roadworthy Register $26.60 

If you have any enquiries regarding these fees, email:

[email protected]

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