Licensed vehicle testers procedures & newsletters

This page contains both procedures and newsletters that are relevant to new and existing licensed vehicle testers.

Licensed vehicle & tester refresher course bulletin

The Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) refresher course information bulletin [PDF 2.9Mb] provides details on if the course applies to you, why its been introduced and how to book. 

Testing Times newsletters

Testing Times is a newsletter that provides information, interpretations and directions to Licensed Vehicle Testers on matters relating to the inspection of vehicles and the running of a Licensed Vehicle Tester licence. Please note: Information provided in later issues may override earlier advice. 


Part 6 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 includes provisions for VicRoads to issue written directions and guidelines to Licensed Vehicle Testers as to the standards vehicles must meet to get certificates of roadworthiness and what equipment must be used when examining and testing vehicles.

The procedures below constitute written directions issued by VicRoads.

Interstate defect notice clearance [PDF 370 Kb]

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