Roadworthiness scheme

The roadworthiness scheme is to ensure registered vehicles are safe to use on the road*. Licensed Vehicle Testers inspect vehicles for roadworthiness against Victorian guidelines.

The scheme aims to improve road safety and to minimise the wear and damage caused by vehicles to roads and related structures.

* Note: road refers to road related areas including car parks, access roads and other areas that are open to be driven on by the public.

What is a Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT)?

VicRoads licences suitable persons or proprietary companies, as a Licensed Vehicle Tester, to examine and test vehicles against a set of approved guidelines.

Licensed Vehicle Testers operate retail motor vehicle mechanical repair or inspection facilities that are accessible to members of the public (except in the case of premises used for testing buses and taxis) where vehicles are inspected for roadworthiness.

What are the guidelines used to test vehicles against?

The guidelines are contained in VicRoads publication, Vehicle standards information VSI26 - Roadworthiness requirements [PDF 159 Kb]

How to become a Licensed Vehicle Tester?

Applications for new Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) licences

A Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) is referred to as Licence Tester in the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021.


  • Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
  • Road Safety Act 1986

The latest versions of the above documents are available on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website (External link).

Parliamentary inquiry

Parliament of Victoria, Road safety Committee Inquiry into Victoria’s Vehicle Roadworthiness System 2001

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