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In this section you’ll find VicRoads supplements, bridge technical notes and manuals that detail the way we design and manage structures in Victoria.

VicRoads uses the Austroads Guides as a key reference, in conjunction with supplementary information, to ensure national consistency and standardisation for all road work.

The Austroads Guides to Bridge technology are available on the Austroads website.

VicRoads Supplement (VRS) to the Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology (AGBT) provides information on the relationship between Bridge Technical Notes, AS5100 Bridge design and the Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology.

Bridge Technical Notes are Codes of Practice which state VicRoads’ requirements for the design of road structures. Bridge Technical Notes are to be read in conjunction with AS5100:2017 and other relevant Australian Standards, for example AS1597 and AS2041.

VicRoads has reviewed and updated its Bridge Technical Notes following the publication of AS5100:2017. 

With effect from 1st January 2018, with the exception of ongoing projects, no further reference is to be made to pre-existing Bridge Technical Notes. 

Bridge Technical Notes are updated from time-to-time. Refer to the latest version of Bridge Technical Notes below. 

Any questions or comments relating to Bridge Technical Notes should be addressed to [email protected]

Road Structures Inspection Manual (RSIM) defines that the condition of all structures is systematically monitored to ensure structural integrity and safety of road users and that there is sufficient data to effectively manage road structure assets.

The RSIM includes numerous road structures including retaining walls, noise walls, sign structures and high mast lighting as well as bridges and culverts.  

Any questions or comments relating to RSIM should be addressed to [email protected].


Bridge Maintenance and Repair Manual supersedes the previous Bridge Maintenance, Repair and Strengthening Guidelines.

This manual should be used in conjunction with the Road Structures Inspection Manual. The manual provides guidance on the treatment of defects identified during Level 1 and Level 2 inspections and guidance for maintenance and repair activities. 

Any questions or comments relating to Bridge Maintenance and Repair Manual should be addressed to [email protected]

Bridge Maintenance and Repair Manual [PDF 34.1 Mb]

This policy describes the Department of Transport’s approach to managing and mitigating structural design risk. Proof engineering is the Department of Transport’s process for managing risk where consultants are engaged to design structures, and in instances where developers are required to, or propose to, design assets within or adjacent to the road reserve.  

VicRoads Proof Engineering Policy [PDF 254Kb]

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