Pavements, geotechnical & materials

In this section you’ll find codes of practice, test methods and technical documents that detail requirements and best practice for construction and pavement materials, pavement design, testing and surveillance in VicRoads applications.

The codes of practice contain requirements and procedures that complement VicRoads Standard Specification Sections.

The implementation and use of the Codes is mandatory for VicRoads works. Codes of Practice detail material registration processes, what test methods and procedures will be used in VicRoads works, and how and when these test methods will be applied. This includes setting particular testing requirements where the test method allows choice.

Technical Bulletins are comprehensive and complex documents which detail best practice for an industry sector relevant to VicRoads operations.

Technical Notes are advisory documents that provide information on a targeted technical subject or topic about best practice and/or latest techniques used within the road making industry.

The test methods are documents which detail the scope, equipment, competency of personnel, procedures, calculations and reporting requirements to enable a test to be performed. When testing is required by VicRoads Standard Specification Sections, use of and compliance with the relevant test method is mandatory.

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