Road design

The following documents are used during the road design stage. In this section you’ll find VicRoads supplements, road design notes and guidelines that detail the way we design and engineer roads in Victoria.

The Road Design Notes supplement the Austroads Guide to Road Design and VicRoads Supplements to the Austroads Guide to Road Design. Road Design Notes (RDN) specify VicRoads requirements regarding a range of road design issues including accepted road furniture.

All road safety barrier products must be accepted by the Department of Transport (DoT) for use on the Victorian declared road network. Products which have been accepted are listed in ‘Road Design Note 06-04 – Accepted Safety Barrier Products’ and must be designed and installed in accordance with the relevant Austroads Technical Conditions of Use, Detail Sheet and Product Manual.

To improve national harmonisation, the Austroads Technical Conditions of Use will be adopted by DoT when deemed suitable, therefore DoT no longer provides a Detail Sheet for every product. As such, the list of Detail Sheets has been removed. Please refer to RDN 06-04.

The final drawing presentation guidelines establish a consistent and standard approach to assist in the preparation of final drawings for design and construction contracts. They should be referred when preparing drawings for VicRoads.

For details on the Bridge Drawing Presentation, please refer to Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology Part 5 and VicRoads Supplement to the Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology – Section 4, which is available on the Bridges and Structures page.
Due to the VicRoads Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site being de-commissioned, the VicRoads CADD Environment and other related documentation are not currently available for download either through the SFTP site or directly on the website. 

We are currently working on a long term solution to this. In the mean time, please email [email protected] with the subject line "CADD Environment" and we will provide you with a download link via email.

The "Making roads motorcycle friendly" document provides a guide for VicRoads, Councils, Service Authorities, road contractors and other people involved in road design, construction and maintenance activities. The intention is to provide an awareness of how these activities might impact on motorcyclists and what can be done to keep the riding environment safe. 

VicRoads has developed guidelines for planning and operating public transport on roads. The guidelines are designed to help VicRoads and other organisations that provide for public transport to integrate the needs of public transport into their day-to-day work.

Guidelines relating to design for trucks, buses, ultra-low floor buses, trams and emergency vehicles can be found within VicRoads Supplements to the AGRD, Road Design Notes and Traffic Engineering Manual Volume 1-3.

Refer to Traffic engineering.

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