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SprayLine Road Services (SRS) specialises in bituminous spray-sealing, line-marking, and road maintenance services. As a semi-autonomous commercial venture established in 1997, SprayLine Road Services has a national legacy tracing back to the Country Roads Board, which formed over 100 years ago.

Today, SprayLine Road Services undertakes contract-based work for the Department of Transport and delivers services to state road authorities, municipal councils, and private industry.

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Road Construction Authority vehicle

SRS - Bituminous Spray Sealing 

The quality and performance of bituminous spray sealing relies on several factors including quality preparation of the road base, understanding the site conditions and precisely applying bitumen binder and aggregate at the correct rates to suit. Only experience supplemented by industry best practice routinely achieves these outcomes. At SRS our spray sealing team supplements their extensive industry knowledge and experience by using the latest equipment including precision calibrated bitumen sprayers and forward moving aggregate spreaders. This ensures that our clients are provided with a quality job done right first time every time. 

The benefits of SRS Spray Seal capabilities:

  • Spray Sealing provides skid resistant textures making skids and slides less of a concern
  • Quick application - vehicles can drive on it immediately after rolling
  • Our team are experts with most having worked over 20 years in the industry
  • We use a locally sourced bitumen from VIVA’s refinery in Geelong, promoting (local Victorian/Australian) production.
  • Our binder is a field-blended rubber modified binder, utilising bitumen and recycled scrap rubber which reduces our environmental impact and improves the characteristics of the binder.
  • We use high quality geotextile paving fabric, made from locally sourced plastic
  • Our contracts are delivered on schedule and to the highest quality standards
  • SRS operates on the open market ensuring that our pricing remains competitive

Bituminous spray sealing vehicle

Aggregate spreader vehicles

SprayLine vehicle conducting road maintenance

Two SprayLine vehicles

SRS - Line Marking

SRS Line Marking provides a one stop shop for all your line and pavement marking installation/removal, road surface re-texturing and traffic management needs. At SRS, we ensure all our solutions are compliant with state road authority requirements and are delivered in accordance with our mission—to provide our customers with quality workmanship safely and efficiently and at a competitive price.

The benefits of SRS Line Marking capabilities:

  • We offer a full range of line marking and associated services including audio tactile installation and non-slip, coloured surfacing treatments
  • Our modern methods and equipment ensure that our customers receive a professional job that is backed by our extensive industry experience
  • Our paint and materials are sourced from leading manufacturers and includes water-based line marking paint, thermoplastic, and cold applied plastic 
  • We offer a large variety of line marking colours
  • Our application is both precise and long lasting
  • We guarantee a personalised service and a quality job at a competitive price. No job is too big or too small

Line marking

Line marking

Man operating linemarking

Coloured surface installation

SRS - Road Maintenance Services

SRS Road Maintenance services, provides road maintenance and construction services, and associated civil works to state road authorities, municipal councils, and private industry. We believe that maintaining road and roadside infrastructure requires extensive experience, the highest standards of safety and quality, and an innate understanding of infrastructure assets and their performance requirements. Our specialised teams are flexible and can deliver anything from a one-off maintenance or construction project to a full-service road maintenance package to suit your specifications.

The benefits of SRS Road Maintenance capabilities:

  • 24/7/365 on-call service attending to all safety and emergency issues on the road network and associated infrastructure.
  • We provide traffic management solutions.
  • We conduct routine and periodic road, roadside, and structure maintenance:
  • Routine pavement works including pothole patching, crack sealing, edge repairs and surface treatments 
  • Roadside maintenance including signage, road furniture and vegetation
  • Bridge and structure maintenance
  • Drainage infrastructure maintenance
  • Safety barriers including wire rope and guard rail installation and repairs
  • Land slip repairs
  • Rest area maintenance and cleaning
  • Pavement cleaning and debris removal
  • Road and roadside hazard and defect inspections
  • Bridge and structure inspections
  • We offer construction services:
  • All aspects of pavement repair including digouts, stabilisation and asphalt.
  • Pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation
  • Pit and culvert replacement
  • Capital works
  • Road safety improvement works
  • Bridge strengthening and improvement works
  • Emergency bridging (Bailey Bridge Installation)
  • Technical and design construction advice
  • Project Management

Bridge installation

Night works

Road maintenance works.

Fallen tree removal.

Why choose SprayLine Road Services? 

Quality assurance 

SprayLine Road Services proudly undertakes contract-based work for the Department of Transport which results in a high standard of work delivery and high degree of accountability. SRS is a member of the Australian Flexible Pavement Association, the Civil Contractors Federation, and the Roadmaking Industry Association Australia. We operate a third-party accredited quality standard, and are a pre-qualified supplier to the Victorian, New South Wales and South Australian road authorities.

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SRS owns multiple state of the art forward moving chip spreaders and forward discharge trucks, that operate by allowing a clear line of sight for the operator to unload and spread sealing aggregate. There are no requirements for reversing or tipping which minimises risk to people and infrastructure. SRS also operates a Wire Rope Safety Barrier (WRSB) training centre based at our works depot in Ballarat. The centre provides best practice training and instruction in all aspects of WRSB maintenance, tensioning, emergency de-tensioning and repairs.

WRSB training centre cabin on aggregate loader forward ejecting trucks

Aggregate loader forward ejecting trucks

WRSB training centre cabin on aggregate loader forward ejecting truck

WRSB training centre cabin on aggregate loader forward ejecting trucks

Our commitment to the Environment

We specialise in site-blended crumbed rubber from recycled tyres and class 170 bitumen. This method is environmentally friendly, reduces water penetration, increases aggregate retention, and reduces reflective pavement cracking. In addition, in an effort to reduce our plastic carbon footprint, we use geotextile paving fabrics, made from locally sourced recycled plastic waste.

Moving Geofabrics material

Laying Geofabrics material

Waste to be recycled

Tyrecycle staff

Our commitment to the Community 

At SRS the community is at the heart of what we do, therefore throughout the year our teams give back to the community by partnering with local schools and associations and provide employment and training opportunities to promote workforce diversity.

SprayLine staff

Staff training

Staff training

SprayLine staff

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