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An important part of our work is to make the road network as safe as possible. Our SprayLine Road Services teams work with local communities to repair and maintain the state’s roads and bridges and to respond to traffic emergencies.

SRS - Bituminous Spray Sealing 

The quality and performance of bituminous spray sealing relies on several factors including quality preparation of the road base, understanding the site conditions and precisely applying bitumen binder and aggregate at the correct rates to suit. Only experience supplemented by industry best practice routinely achieves these outcomes. At SRS our spray sealing team supplements their extensive industry knowledge and experience by using the latest equipment including precision calibrated bitumen sprayers and forward moving aggregate spreaders. This ensures that our clients are provided with a quality job done right first time every time. 

The benefits of SRS Spray Seal capabilities:

  • Spray Sealing provides skid resistant textures making skids and slides less of a concern
  • Quick application - vehicles can drive on it immediately after rolling
  • Our team are experts with most having worked over 20 years in the industry
  • We use a locally sourced bitumen from VIVA’s refinery in Geelong, promoting (local Victorian/Australian) production.
  • Our binder is a field-blended rubber modified binder, utilising bitumen and recycled scrap rubber which reduces our environmental impact and improves the characteristics of the binder.
  • We use high quality geotextile paving fabric, made from locally sourced plastic
  • Our contracts are delivered on schedule and to the highest quality standards
  • SRS operates on the open market ensuring that our pricing remains competitive

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