Surveying services

Survey and Declarations is a market leader that utilises the skills of a wide range of professional staff, specialist systems and modern equipment to provide the following services.

Survey operations

  • Expert advice in land related matters
  • Property Boundaries
  • Project Planning
  • Cadastral Surveys for acquisition
  • Subdivision surveys of land surplus to project requirements
  • Topographic Information (aerial photography, LIDAR, scanning, etc.)
  • Engineering Feature Surveys to enable detailed design
  • Photogrammetry
  • Service location and mapping
  • Construction set-out surveys
  • Surveillance and monitoring surveys of civil works, infrastructure assets and terrain
  • Contracting of survey services

Declaration & land information

  • Management and maintenance of VicRoads survey information
  • Management and maintenance of VicRoads road network declaration information
  • Ownership details for assistance in pre-planning (title searches, Crown Land status, etc.)
  • Expert advice in land and road declaration related matters 
  • Declaration of VicRoads freeways, arterial roads and bridges 
  • Planning Scheme Amendments and Designated Road Project gazettals for VicRoads road projects
  • Management and maintenance of the VicRoads Register of Public Roads and other Road management Act 2004 records

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