Intelligent Transport Systems

VicRoads International conducts overseas projects on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

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Intelligent Transport Systems

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We’re highly skilled in applying Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to manage traffic flow, improve road safety, and enhance the overall operation of our road networks.

Our commercial division, VicRoads International, plays a part in developing and applying ITS projects for our international clients, using our organisation’s extensive knowledge base and technical support.

By using ITS we can actively manage our freeway network, improving travel speed, travel times, and traffic flow. We are committed to the Safe System, a complete approach to improving the safety of all road users, because nobody should lose their life or be seriously injured on our roads.

Freeway management

The way we actively manage our freeways is known on an international scale for being unique, and is recognised overseas as the ‘Melbourne Approach’. Our freeway management system is different from other parts of Australia and other countries because we focus on 12 different elements that increase freeway productivity. 

We’re driven by outcomes, and focused on improving the connection between freeway routes, the major Victorian road network, and multiple road operators. We are constantly refining our technology to make sure it will always benefit the community. 

Our freeway management system carries the ultimate goal of optimising our multi-modal network and journey management, which caters to the different modes of road-based transport including walking, cycling, and public transport. 

Our expertise

We have extensive experience in developing, conditioning, implementing and operating ITS across Victoria’s freeway and main road network, with expertise including:Staff in traffic monitoring room

  • traffic signal linking and monitoring via SCATS
  • freeway detection systems that provide continuous data on traffic flow
  • traveller information systems generating real time traffic updates and travel advice
  • variable speed limit systems responding to traffic and weather conditions
  • road network monitoring via Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)
  • emergency help for freeway drivers through helpline phone systems
  • a freeway ramp coordination system controlling entry to managed motorways
  • traffic control systems monitored and adjusted in real time at a Traffic Management Centre. 

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For innovative and cutting-edge road transport solutions, we’re here to help. 

Want to empower your community to influence its social, economic and environmental development through best practice application of ITS? Contact us today.  

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