Optimising SCATS in Malaysia


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Project summary

With a growing population of roughly 7 million people, greater Kuala Lumpur has an increasing number of cars on its roads and a need for its Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) network to run at optimal capacity to improve traffic flow across the Malaysian capital.

VicRoads International was engaged by a local Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provider, on behalf of a Malaysian government agency.

Tasked with reviewing the SCATS network along the city’s key routes, this comprehensive process included:

  • route reviews optimising SCATS configurations, intersection layouts, and traffic signal designs
  • ad-hoc investigation of operational issues identified by the client and stakeholders
  • developing signal operational strategies to manage traffic congestion and improve road safety
  • conducting SCATS training and education with relevant parties.

Project outcomes

The SCATS review resulted in many positive outcomes for Kuala Lumpur’s road network:

  • Through on-site observations and analysis of traffic signal data, VicRoads was able to use its specialist programs to determine optimal cycle time for the SCATS network, and the latest version of the technology has since been installed in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Operational improvements have been made at critical intersections across the capital city and telecommunications have been enhanced between the local and regional computer systems used by the SCATS network.
  • Through training provided by VicRoads, the police force has been able to develop a more sophisticated knowledge of SCATS. As an adaptive and flexible technology, SCATS does not require the police force to manually direct traffic to ease congestion on Kuala Lumpur’s roads, a fact that has not been widely understood historically.
  • By enabling the ICT provider to shadow VicRoads staff during the review process, Malaysia’s expertise in the application of SCATS has continued to grow.

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