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Project summary

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, with an increasing number of drivers on its roads. In partnership with a Dubai government authority, VicRoads International developed a new training curriculum for drivers, instructors, and examiners, based on proven road safety initiatives in Victoria, Australia.

Following this project, VicRoads International was engaged by the government authority to implement the new curriculum, through a series of educational initiatives. These included:

  • Formal training of local examiners in car, motorbike and heaving vehicle testing.
  • Auditing to ensure examiners’ understanding of the curriculum.
  • Providing ongoing advice regarding the country’s driver testing practices.
  • Suggesting improvements to business processes for effective management of the licence testing system.

Project outcomes

VicRoads met all of the project requirements, successfully training over 100 local examiners in the new curriculum. Remaining sensitive to local customs, separate training was conducted for men and women - and each work day commenced at the culturally acceptable time of 6am.

Project outcomes included:

  • Local examiners acquiring knowledge of best practice methods for driver licensing and testing.
  • The government authority becoming more self-sufficient in its future training requirements.
  • A more professional approach to licensing whereby examiners meet learner drivers at a testing office rather than their home.
  • Introduction of the concept of solo licence testing so that the widespread practice of assessing numerous learner drivers in the one vehicle can eventually be phased out.

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