Improving land and maritime transport in Fiji


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Project summary  

Due to its tropical environment, Fiji’s dispersed population of 860,000 is often disconnected by a road network prone to disruption from heavy rainfall and flooding. Fiji requires adequate transport infrastructure to improve access to economic opportunities and services for rural populations, and also to improve trade. 

VicRoads International was engaged by the Asian Development Bank to improve Fiji’s Design and Construction standards as part of a Fiji Transport Infrastructure Investment Sector Project (FTIISP). The purpose of the FTIISP is to improve transport links through rehabilitation of roads, bridges and jetties.

As there is no past data or consistent approach to the design and construction standards being adopted in Fiji, a number of technical reviews including consultation with Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) staff and industry took place.

To ensure they had accurate data, the project team also spent long days walking along Fiji’s roads to record the activity and count the number of vehicles travelling across them. This was to assist the development of new design and construction guidelines most suitable 
for Fiji. 

The services included:  

  • Reviewing and updating technical specifications for road and bridge construction;
  • Providing standard drawings and
  • Developing 11 new sets of design standards for Geometric Design, Bridge Design, Pavement Design, Drainage Design, Signs and Linemarking and Street Lighting.

Project outcomes

Like any overseas project, VicRoads International understood the key to successful delivery of this project was not only about technical skills but also the ability to listen, observe and understand the issues being faced by Fiji.

Using their current knowledge and expertise, the project team developed a tailored solution to meet the needs of Fiji. Significant consideration was given to determine what was achievable, relevant and sustainable to meet growing transport needs of Fiji’s unique environment. 

While the works suggested by VicRoads will be used by FRA, there are very few engineers in Fiji. 

Following the success of the project in 2018, the Asian Development Bank engaged VicRoads International again in 2019 to deliver further training. The team will assist with the implementation of design standards and capability development of the public and private sectors.

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