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Project summary

Since 1998 VicRoads has worked closely with federal and state government authorities in India to deliver 12 capacity building projects across the country in registration and licensing, road safety management, and road asset management.

VicRoads’ relationship with India – the world’s third biggest, fastest growing economy – will be strengthened through Victoria’s India Strategy, a new ten-year plan by the State Government of Victoria to boost the State’s ties with India.

Throughout its long history of working in India, VicRoads has assisted many of the country’s road authorities to work more effectively and meet their road safety objectives. Projects include:

  • Involvement in a consortium of government and corporate sector organisations developing a comprehensive strategy and a detailed action plan to address road safety across India.
  • Providing a newly established Indian State Government authority with improved operational capacity to carry out its responsibilities in a comprehensive, multi-sectoral and strategic manner.
  • Conducting training for road industry personnel focusing on the Safe System approach to road safety.

Project outcomes

Understanding the regulatory and operational environment is an important factor for success in India. To achieve this, VicRoads partnered with the best local experts to ensure projects were successfully delivered.

As a result of VicRoads’ work in India there is a stronger culture of road safety and improved road safety initiatives, including:

  • A better understanding of the Safe System approach and how it can be implemented to reduce the number of lives lost on the roads.
  • A greater awareness of the need for a multi-sectoral approach to road safety, inclusive of police, transport, education and health sectors.
  • Increased road safety engineering skills delivered across the government sector through VicRoads’ training programs.
  • The creation of manuals and guidelines that can be used as reference tools by road authority employees.
  • Ongoing opportunities for India and Victoria to continue learning from one another’s challenges and successes. 

In March 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between VicRoads and an Indian State Government road agency to strengthen the relationship between the two organisations. Looking to the future, both organisations have agreed to work together in mutually beneficial ways to manage their road networks.

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