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Project summary

Following the end of its civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka is focused on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, including major upgrading and rehabilitation of the national and provincial road network in the country’s north.

VicRoads International was engaged by a multilateral institution to provide a technical assistance package designed to strengthen the capacity of Sri Lanka’s central and provincial government road agencies. The consultancy services were focused on:

  • road asset management
  • administration of performance-based maintenance contracts
  • improving the agencies’ knowledge of road safety engineering
  • enhancing understanding of gender inclusive road projects
  • increasing road safety awareness for road users through the provision of training and education.

Project outcomes

As the first major consultancy services project to be completed in Sri Lanka by VicRoads International, negotiating the challenges of working in an unfamiliar environment was vital to the project’s success. Employing experienced and highly regarded local specialists as part of the project team allowed VicRoads to meet these challenges.

All major milestone reports were delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the client. VicRoads International positioned the road agencies to effectively manage and maintain Sri Lanka’s national and provincial road networks, through the development of documentation including:

  • A manual outlining the processes for preparation of maintenance programs and budgeting.
  • A performance-based maintenance contract and a template for road agencies to implement this.
  • A worksite Road Safety Manual for road agencies and contractors.

A number of training workshops focusing on road safety and gender inclusive employment strategies were also delivered. These provided benefits to many community sectors including:

  • Traffic police, teachers and school students living in the northern region who have gained greater awareness of road safety.
  • Road agency staff trained in best practice methods for increasing the involvement of women in road construction and maintenance.
  • Road agency staff developed increased awareness of the risks of human trafficking to women working in the industry.

With the transport sector set to play a key role in the country’s development, ongoing capacity building efforts will be required to assist Sri Lanka to deal with the rapid increase in traffic that is expected to accompany economic growth.

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