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VicRoads International conducts overseas projects on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

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Motorcycle safety

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When it comes to training and education for the road transport industry, we’re experts in our field. VicRoads International engages industry experts to present a range of innovative and certified programs.     

Our commercial division, VicRoads International, plays a part in creating and presenting training and education projects for our international clients, using our organisation’s extensive knowledge base and technical support.

We tailor training packages to suit our international audiences, specialising in ‘train-the-trainer’ courses to help organisations become more self-sufficient with their future training needs. 

Our specialised technical training programs focus on all aspects of road safety, including roadway and traffic engineering, environmental management, roadside management, geotechnical engineering, pavement technology, road construction, and capacity building. Courses on motorbike safety and road safety auditing are also available.   

Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly

We run an internationally recognised full-day course to help participants gain a detailed understanding of the risks faced by motorcyclists.  

The course gives an insight into the rate of motorcyclist deaths and serious injuries, the risks involved in riding a road motorbike, how road design considers motorcyclists, the challenges of motorbike riding, and how motorcyclists are integrated into our Safe System approach to road safety.     

Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly won the 2017 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. This course is useful for engineers, road agency managers and contractors, and also road maintenance and construction staff.

Road Safety Audit 

Developed according to Victoria’s world-renowned road safety standards, the Road Safety Audit workshop is a two-day, fully accredited program focusing on best practice road safety auditing.Office staff

The workshop explores all aspects of the auditing process for road safety, including managing legal issues, auditing for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, auditor approval and registration, and preparing and presenting road safety audit reports.  

This workshop is suitable for government employees, engineers, planners, designers, traffic managers, and road safety practitioners. The workshop is also designed for road safety auditors who are already accredited but would like to refresh their skills. 

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