Road safety training in Thailand & Philippines


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Project summary

One of the challenges for developing countries is reducing the number of lives lost on their roads. VicRoads International was engaged by government departments in Thailand and the Philippines to deliver training programs designed to improve knowledge of road safety.

The training was carried out in Thailand and the Philippines and consisted of:

  • Road Safety Audit, a two-day fully accredited workshop focusing on best practice road safety auditing
  • Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly, a full-day internationally recognised workshop designed to increase understanding of the risks motorcyclists face.

Many international delegations have visited Victoria to participate in the VicRoads International Visitors Program, including a group from the Philippines. The international visitors completed a five-day training program consisting of:

  • the Road Safety Engineering Workshop, focusing on crash investigations, solutions for high risk roads, and safety initiatives
  • the Road Safety Audit workshop.

Project outcomes

VicRoads International worked closely with experienced trainers and interpreters who were sensitive to the needs of non-English speakers. Cultural differences were considered and a training program tailored according to client requirements. Our approach had several positive outcomes, including:

Fostering of an immersive training environment, featuring a combination of classroom learning and site visits, resulting in strong engagement levels by program participants.

  • An interactive and supportive approach to education, where respect for seniority - a trait highly valued in Thai and Filipino society - could co-exist with the need for all training participants to actively contribute to their own learning.
  • Direct insights into the work of VicRoads’ industry partners such as the Transport Accident Commission and Victoria Police, with both organisations regularly presenting to international delegations visiting Victoria.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of best practice road safety techniques among training participants.

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